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Personalised Face Masks, Printed T Shirts, Banners, Souvenirs, Garments, Photography. Printing, Gifts.



Supply of Goods


All goods are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty of quality, In the event of manufacturing faults ‘The Classic Touch’ will act on your behalf and negotiate with the Supplier/Manufacturer. Added Value Process undertaken by ‘The Classic Touch’ is fully covered by ‘The Classic Touch’ if applied to goods supplied by ‘The Classic Touch’. Added Value process carried out on the customers own goods is not covered by any warranty and any damage cause to the customers own property is not covered by any form of compensation. Customers OWN Garments which are damaged will be checked by The Classic Touch to see if repairs can be undertaken. Any repairs are at the risk of the customer and NO liability will be accepted by The Classic Touch.


All warranty of Garments ceases after 28 Days or after, either, wearing, washing, displaying or use in any form whatsoever, whichever is the sooner. Damage caused by after care or neglect is at the customers own risk.




Services offered in any location are offered at the customers own risk, No liability is accepted for lost or damage to Property of any kind, every care will be taken to ensure the safety of persons using our services but we will not be liable for damages or loss.


Payment for Goods or Services


We operate a strict No Credit Policy. Payment for Internet Services is required with the order by PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer or Cheques, Direct or Telephone Sales are usually covered by the same policy or if for an amount of under £50 payment can be made upon delivery of goods or upon arriving at site.


In exceptional circumstances for established trade customers we can allow up to 3 days for the process of a payment through their organisation or clearance of cheques. However in the event of payment not being made either is cash or directly into the designated bank account within 3 days or a cheque not being honoured any discount which has been applied will be rescinded and will be payable by return either by bank Transfer or in Cash. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in recovery action through the courts without further notice 3 days from the date of the default notice (Invoicing of Discount). All costs for such action will be for the account of the client.


It is assumed that by placing an order with ‘The Classic Touch’ customers have read and agree to these terms and conditions.